Tap Fourteen Uptown


March 21st - April 6th

During the NCAA Basketball tournament. We will be holding our own version of March Madness, but instead of basketball, our March Madness will involve Colorado IPAs. Each day of the NCAA Tournament we will face off two Colorado IPAs against each other. Finding the winner will be simple, whichever beer sells more that day wins and moves on. Both beers will be on special that day for $1 off regular price. The champion beer will receive a permanent handle at both our Uptown and Downtown locations, as well as massive bragging rights.

You can also get in on the competition by filling out a bracket. Unlike the basketball tournament you can control some of the outcome by drinking the beer you chose to win that days matchup. Entries are $5 each with the winner taking all the entry money, plus a $100 Tap Fourteen Gift Card. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the final score of the championship round





Tap Fourteen Uptown
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